The Offer

Now that we’ve followed the plan and the clients find a house they want to offer on there are some key things you need to do.  Keep in mind if a client has completed step 1 to 5 they’re likely on board with you.  This is where you need to add your final piece of value.

When a client calls and says we want to offer, you need to send them a property specific pre-approval, you need to get both realtors contact info and you need to update their scenarios/options based on the property they are offering on.

  1. You send the client the pre-approval and updated scenarios. By doing this not only can they offer but you can have the rate conversation again, you can finalize the program they want to go with so if the offer is accepted everyone already knows what is going on and it purely becomes locking the rate and a paperwork game.
  2. You need to send the pre-approval and even call the buyers agent just to let them know you’ll be handling the loan and you’ll make it a great experience for everyone.  If it’s an agent you don’t already work with this is where the cross-selling can start.
  3. You need to call the listing agent and explain that you’re the lender, they are receiving an offer for one of your clients, explain that if the offer is accepted they’ll have nothing to worry about from a financing side of things and find out if there is anything you can do to help get the offer accepted.  This is also where the cross-selling of the listing agent starts.
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