The Perfect Week by Time

How to breakdown the standard work week by hours, and do so in a way that will allow you to grow your business, without getting burned out. We all know what we need to do, but have you ever figured out how much time you need to spend doing each thing?

What You Need To Do: Origination

Client meetings, calling new deals, working up scenarios/presentations, pitching loans, (direct client contact for a new loan now)

Referral Partner meetings, past client follow up, existing pipeline referral requests, hand written note cards, closing gifts, etc.. (things that will generate new deals shortly but not today)

You Should Spend 20 Hours A Week Doing Pure Origination Activities

  • This means actually talking to clients and doing things that could immediately result in new business
  • This does not mean marketing, or looking at a CRM etc… This is pure SALES. 
  • You can break it out however you want but if you want to have a consistent business model that not only sustains but actually grows you need to spend 20 hours a week SELLING.

Pipeline, File Follow Up And Maintenance

Looking at approvals, responding to emails, talking to underwriters, working with your team on files in process. (not business generating but keeps your ship running tight and everything on track)

Business Planning And Business Building

Marketing, recruiting (for managers) setting goals, review of teams performance and your process, new ideas, research etc…

Pipeline Follow Up And Maintenance

You Should Spend Between 15 And 17 Hours Per Week Doing Pipeline Management, Follow Ups, Checking Emails, Follow Ups And Solving Problems.

Checking emails does not make money or sell loans, but you have to do it.  As long as you realize this is not a money making activity while you’re doing it then you’re fine. 

Making sure that your loans are closing smoothly, on time and the clients have a great experience is not a money making activity but you have to do it.  You promised your clients this, you promised your realtors this so you need to make sure it happens but you can’t consider this origination this is purely maintenance.

Solving problems is part of being an originator but I want to make it clear that when a problem arises it doesn’t have to be solved that second.  Some problems solve themselves while others need your attention.  If you are in the middle of a “sales activity” or something you have blocked out and then you see an email with a problem.  The instinct is to stop what you’re doing and solve the problem. 

DON’T DO IT!!!!. 

Acknowledge the problem, take a second and find out when you can look at it with undivided attention. Then do not go back to it until that time.  You can’t stick your head in the sand but be organized about it. 

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