The Living Breathing Pipeline

Learn how I’ve built my system that turns my past clients and current clients into a living breathing referral generating machine

How to make your pipeline generate new business as consistently as the waves come in

No matter what we do the waves will always come to shore.  Sometimes they are big sometimes they are small but no matter what they always come in.

Everyone is always looking but the answers is right in front of our faces.

Everyday there is a new app, CRM, social media gimmick or sales secret that is supposed to double your business.  Three months later they didn’t double anything and we’re on to the next greatest thing. 

The answer to doubling your business is right in front of your face and that’s your existing pipeline, past clients and how you farm them for referrals. 

The best part about this is that it’s free, they are all warm calls, it takes half of the time a new lead system takes and the close rate is proven to be 50% higher than any other way of generating business. 

Timing is Everything

When you’re getting referrals from your existing pipeline and past clients it’s not so much what you say, how you say it, rather it’s all about WHEN YOU SAY IT.

Case and point:

If a client calls you and says I’d like to buy a home and the first thing you say is “great do you have any other friends or family that want to buy a home too?”  Odds are they are saying NO.

If you ask a client the same question the day you sent loan documents to escrow or 20 minutes after they sign loan documents you’ll probably get a different answer.

The goal is to make your pipeline a living breathing referral generating machine.


Step 1:  A client is fully pre approved

As soon as you have  client that has a full application, all their documents over, you know they will qualify, and you’ve had the strategy conversation going over programs they are now a referral source.

     A)  If the client has children under 7 years old:   Buy the Bernstein Bear Book about moving day $4 and send it to their house with a hand written note card saying “I know you’re not in contract yet, but when you do I hope this comes in handy to help your kids with the move.”

     B)  A client is single, has older kids etc….  Connect with a local moving company and say “I’m going to send all my clients to you but I’d like to know if you’d do a 15% off coupon.”  Then you send the 15% off moving coupon to the clients and say “I know you’re not in contract yet but when the time comes I want to help ensure that everything is as efficient and cost effective as possible.”

Step 2:  An escrow is opened

You need to take 5 minutes to call both agents introduce yourself and tell them you’ll ensure a smooth closing, you’ll keep them updated and if they ever have questions to call you but you’re very confident that you’ll beat them to the punch with your updates.

Step 3:  The loan is approved

You should call both agents immediately an give them a status update but don’t ask for anything yet.  However this is the ideal time to get the client excited.  Explain the loan is approved and how they just passed a major milestone in record time.  Explain that your team is going to contact them for any minor items remaining but you had a favor to ask of them.  Explain that all of your business comes from referral from your realtor partners and your past clients.  Explain how you love helping people get prepared to buy a home even if that means 1 or 2 years down the road.  Then ask if they have any friends or family that might fall into that category and if so would they be willing to make an introduction.  They need to know the person doesn’t have to be serious right now since we want to build our data base with this step.  If they have someone buying now great but this is a database building activity. 

Step 4:  Loan documents are sent to escrow:

This is where you call both realtors, play the part of the hero and explain to them the timing of the transaction, when it went into escrow, when it was approved, when you had docs to escrow and how you’ll meet the close of escrow date.  Then you ask them if they want to grab coffee next week and give them 2 dates/times to choose from.  Don’t let them wiggle out of it, make sure they find a time they can meet with you. 

Step 5:  Borrower signs loan documents

You can do this 2 ways.  The first is have them sign in your office, make it an event and at the end of the event ask them for a referral.  The other options is to find out when they sign and 20 minutes after signing call them and thank them for doing business, the referral that they already gave you in step 3 and see if they have come across anyone else they know buying a home.  If not reiterate that you work purely off of referrals and no matter how long down the road it is you’d always be appreciate of anyone they send over and you will take excellent care of them.

Then ask them if there is a good time to talk the day after closing since you want to do their closing call and give them an idea of what to expect.  Set the appointment.

Step 6:  The closing call

Step 7:  Friday calls

You should call your past clients for at least 1 hour every Friday.  This hour is better than any hour you could spend on pre-approvals, leads, referrals etc.. When you call you need to have an excuse and I start at the top since the top is possible money making activates and the bottom is purely an excuse to get referrals. 

  1. Hi ____ I was calling since this month is your 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month anniversary of closing.  I always do a review on these important dates and noticed that you could refinance, I noticed that you are in as good of a loan as possible so just stay put.  However if anything has changed with our scenario let me know and I can see if there is a better product for you.  If everything is the same then thank them for sending you over ____ and ask if they know anyone else looking to buy or sell.
  2. HI ____ I saw that it’s our bday later this month.  Happy bday and do you have referals?
  3. Call all Arms and see if they want to convert to a fixed.
  4. Call clients to thank them for their online review and ask for a referral.
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