Follow Up

Follow Up

Now that you’re at a point where they are fully pre-approved, you’ve built a plan and they are just looking for the right house you need to stay in touch.  In my market clients can go a year or 2 of looking and since you’ve spent all of this time on the process you can’t afford to lose them now just because they can’t find the perfect house.

My follow up plan is:

3 days, 1 week, 1 week, 10 days, 20 days, 1 month, 1 month. 

For example, if someone talked to you on 4-1 it would be as follows:

  • First following up on 4-1
  • 2nd on 4-4
  • 3rd on 4-11
  • 4th on 4-18
  • 5th on 4-28
  • 6th on 5-18
  • 7th on 6-18
  • 8th on 7-18

After this, I do a call to ask them if they want to adjust any scenarios or invite them to do another planning meeting.  Obviously, it’s lack of inventory or they just aren’t finding what they want.  Depending on the reasoning i.e. no houses have been listed in the school district we want to be in then I set them up for monthly.

If they keep losing out in bidding wars then we should re-evaluate their plan.  This one you have to play by ear and figure out but the bottom line is you need to be in touch and can’t lose contact with people.  You need to have great notes in your CRM and you need to have a great follow up plan.

This isn’t a drip mail thing or auto email to clients.  This is you picking up the phone and calling or sending a personal email to them.  The drip stuff and email campaigns are fine for everything in between but this should be required for all clients fully pre-approved.

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